My field of work is with small, medium-sized and start-up/scale-up organisations. I help them realise their ambitions by optimising the design and management of their organisation.

Depending on the question, the focus can be on one or more of the following areas. 


Multi-year strategies are obsolete. In today’s reality, strategy must create a framework within which the short-term roadmap can be determined. All this in a flexible form that fits in with the organisational culture.

During one or more strategy sessions, I guide you in translating your ambitions into action.


Without a clear framework, people lose grip and motivation. They want to know where and for what they are working. They want clarity about the degree of autonomy and what is expected of them. I help you optimally structure your organisation to create this clarity. I do this for the most part based on the Baarda model.

Baarda model The Baarda model puts an end to the hassle of valuation, remuneration and differences within an organisation. The Baarda model creates transparency and puts an end to rigid job descriptions. Want to know more?


Culture is the most elusive phenomenon within an organisation. At the same time, culture influences all other aspects. By focusing on the elements that determine the culture, such as values, underlying convictions, stories about the past and the future, and symbols, the culture can certainly be improved or reformed’.

During one or multi-day culture sessions, you discover and define what the organisation stands for and how you will work together within it. In the context of ‘no change without action’, we immediately make the translation to behaviour on the work floor. Book a meeting and learn more!


The leaders hold the cards in their hands. They are the most decisive factor for the success of the organisation. The accelerating pace of change is making ever greater demands on the leadership’s ability. The ability to lead change.

In order to stay in control and at the same time anticipate change, I offer various possibilities.

– Brain-picking session
– Leadership coaching
– Management Team coaching
– Leadership in change
– Online programmes Change Leadership Academy


    The fact that human capital is crucial for the organisation has been asserted for years. What that means has changed. The line between work and private life is increasingly blurred. More than ever, People are seeking fulfilment at work and expect the employer to help them do that. How you deal with this as an employer is not always obvious. The specific needs of people can differ per individual and per organisation. However, knowing these needs offers you a rich variety of possibilities to anticipate them and to make your human capital work optimally. I help you to get to know these needs and to anticipate them.

    Solo or focus groups In individual or group discussions, I will talk to your employees. What are their problems and what do they want? Based on these discussions, I make proposals for improvement.