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Management teams are ultimately responsible for the functioning of the organisation. Every action of this team has an effect on the organisation as a whole and consequences for the people who work there. This brings considerable pressure. As a result, there is often insufficient time for reflection.


By breaking this circle and allowing space for the collaborative process, everything will start to flow more easily within the team. As a result, the pressure can be handled better and the team’s position within the organisation is considerably strengthened.

Reason for Management Team Development

  • The reasons for an MT development journey are diverse. Typical examples include.
  • You notice that you are all working too much on your own island and therefore not really functioning as a team.
  • There are issues going on under the surface, you feel it but can’t quite put your finger on it.
  • The need to improve the dialogue between you starts to become more and more apparent. It can no longer just be about content.
  • Decision-making is slow and it takes too long to reach agreement.
  • The team leader is juggling between the different interests of team members, creating too much ambiguity.
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What does Management Team development look like?

During a management team process, we will work with what is in front of us. No blindfolded forest walk or jumping through hoops. Daring to look and keep looking. That is enough to begin with.
Change management consultancy and executive coaching


Intake with the team leader (director) and the whole team. Here, we discuss the reason and the desired outcome for this programme. We also discuss how the team would prefer to be guided in line with my expertise.

Change management consultancy and executive coaching

Team assessment

In most cases, we work with one of my most widely used team instruments (MBTI or BELBIN) which will make the individual contribution of each team member crystal clear. With this, we create a clear framework within which communication becomes easier. Through mutual knowledge, a good basis for trust is created.
Change management consultancy and executive coaching

The Sessions

All sessions are tailor-made whereby I may apply a wide variety of working methods to achieve the desired situation. The working methods I prefer to work with most are based on systemic work, NLP, Lencioni and Transactional Analysis.

Change management consultancy and executive coaching

What does a management team process deliver

After a management team process,

  • The team will know each other and each other’s qualities considerably well.
  • There will be more understanding and tolerance for the different qualities of the team members.
  • There will be crystal-clear agreements and clear guiding principles that the team can fall back on again and again.
  • The team leader will know how best to manage and support his/her team.
  • All team members will be working in the same direction, namely towards the team goal as part of the organisational goal.

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