Change management consultancy and executive coaching


Make a real difference to your organisation

As a leader at the top, you are often under pressure. Internal and external developments force you to constantly redefine your position and make the right decisions. It is also your job to find the right balance between what is good for your organisation, its people and your environment.


The conscious leader understands that reflection is a must and sometimes requires outside insights. With more than 20 years of experience in management, consulting and strategic roles, I help you take your leadership to the next level.

Sandra has sharp analytical skills and can easily provide direction through feedback. She does not shy away from asking the most confrontational questions, but makes sure that the response to them is well managed.

Christian Prickaerts

About me as a coach

My profile stands out from most coach profiles as I am able to look at your situation from multiple angles due to my experience in leadership, consulting and coaching roles.


With years of experience as a leadership coach and trainer, I identify behavioural patterns, drives and potential with razor-sharp clarity. In addition, my expertise in the field of organisational and change management provides a holistic view in which all facets influencing your role as leader become clear. My systemic viewpoint provides an interpretation of the deeper driving force of the whole, exposing the existing dynamics in your organisation. All this gives you a wealth of insights to work with in concrete terms.


My unique characteristic is that I can align myself 100% with your needs and development, put my finger on the sore spot and tell you in crystal-clear language how to transform these into more impact.

Change management consultancy and executive coaching

What I like most about Sandra is that she has a very good sense of where the real question lies and can apply a wide variety of working methods. In addition, she is very concrete, energetic and humorous and I was at times surprised that she really can always hit the nail on the head and is never shy of an appropriate response!

Pauline Gerdingh

The sessions

During our sessions, we will discuss your situation and your issues. You will learn how to make sense of the dynamics in your organisation and around your leadership role, which will help you get a better grip and know how to respond properly. Above all, I will show you what more is needed to create the impact you want.

With these insights, you create your own foundation for firm leadership. This is how you will make the real difference and impact your organisation needs.

Depending on your needs and question, we also zoom in on

  • the dynamics of change within your organisation
  • how to positively influence people in change.
  • how to divide your attention optimally between the interests of the organisation and the people/

My coaching programmes are always tailor-made with the right selection of working methods to suit your needs, personality and ambitions.

Sandra has a great personality and was a valuable sparring partner for me in my role as CFO. She brings humour, enthusiasm, good energy and gives honest and direct feedback.
Robert Maas Geesteranus
Change management consultancy and executive coaching

Who are you?

You are an entrepreneur, director or senior manager. Although you know perfectly well what you are and are not good at, you want to be more aware of this and be able to use it to your advantage.

You might also want to deal more effectively with change, motivate people more effortlessly and bring them along to your plans, communicate more strongly, get a better grip on the culture and overall, create more impact from your role.

Let's connect

Change management consultancy and executive coaching

Book a free consultation so we can discuss your coaching question. In doing so, I give you my observations back directly and advise you on next steps appropriate to your situation.

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