Change management consultancy and executive coaching


Greater success with the right change strategy

To stay relevant as an organisation, you will have to keep training your change muscle. This will allow you to keep responding quickly to the developments around you and choose the right change strategy. A must if you don’t want to keep reinventing the wheel and avoid change fatigue. Simple? No, certainly not. But it does become a lot easier with the right expertise and guidance.

Over the past two years, our organisation has gone through several changes including a business acquisition and an IPO. Sandra identified the impact of these changes on the organisation and where the opportunities and threats lay for increasing engagement and strengthening the culture. She also gave the management team valuable insights on their role within the organisation and cooperation within the team. .

Florence Schmidt

A change management strategy that makes change stick

  • you are looking for a sustainable change approach that will increase your organisation’s adaptability now and in the future

  • you want an independent partner to help you see things differently and come up with refreshing and workable solutions

  • you know that your people’s change readiness will determine success and you want to understand the best way to get them on board

  • you want the leadership team to be better aligned to lead this change effectively

  • you lack experience with effective change and want to learn how to do this yourself
Change management consultancy and executive coaching

What does a change management process look like?

During our first meeting, we discuss the reason for a change and your current and desired situation. When we decide there is a match, 3 phases follow:

Change management consultancy and executive coaching

Research and analysis

Based on interviews with key people in the organisation, I will analyse what the gap between the current and desired situation entails. I will identify challenges and opportunities and make proposals for responding to both.
Change management consultancy and executive coaching


Designing the Change Plan

In this phase, I will bring together key people and together we will generate ideas and start fleshing out the change plan. The change plan will comprise of eight building blocks including leadership alignment, stakeholder management, culture assessment and communication.
Change management consultancy and executive coaching


Implementation & Integration

In this phase, building blocks implementation begins. We will evaluate actions, interventions and results. We will adjust and integrate the change deeper and deeper into the organisation.

What will this change management program deliver

  • A structured and integral change approach in which proven methods are applied. This lays the foundation for successful change, for now, and in the future

  • The key people in this change will come to understand the dynamics between people and change and how to deal with them effectively.

  • Insights and tools which the organisation can use to continue bringing about changes in the future. This increases the organisation’s adaptability and resilience.
Change management consultancy and executive coaching

Sandra has extensive experience at the intersection of people and organisational development in the context of strategic change. Her abilities to address leadership issues are based on facts, solid theory and pragmatic. We loved working with her.

Jeroen Voorhuis
Change management consultancy and executive coaching

Me as your change management consultant

Combining my 20+ years of experience in diverse roles with my keen powers of observation and analytical qualities, I can quickly make connections between bottlenecks, causes and solutions. Furthermore, the way I work is:


  • To-the-point

    My working style is based on a to-the-point, no-nonsense approach. I clearly state what is and is not possible and what the best approach is to achieve the desired change. This saves you time and energy.

  • Systemic viewpoint

    I take a systemic view of issues. This prevents quick wins that quickly evaporate and create disappointing end results. I bring to the surface all vital aspects in change so that we know we are investing our time and energy in the right thing.

  • Integral approach
    I look beyond the issue you present to me. This also exposes other aspects of the organisation that are crucial to the success of the change. 

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Change management consultancy and executive coaching

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