Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed in a rapidly changing environment

Do you struggle with leading change in the most effective way possible? Finding the right balance between leading the change process, motivating people and managing yourself is not easy.

Although there is lots of literature on dealing with change, knowing which method will be successful and applying this to your own daily practice can be difficult. Every situation is different so what tools should you use at what moment? It always seems that

– You are too busy to assess and select the right tools and knowledge suitable for your situation
– You need answers and a change partner today 
– You need help with motivating your people and dealing with resistant
– You need to understand how you can stand your ground and remain flexible at the same time.

In the last 20+ years, I have advised and coached more than 150 leaders toward successful change. As a change leadership expert and seasoned leadership coach, I will teach you everything you need to know about leading change and people and how to stay grounded in the midst of it all.

My focus during our 1-1 coaching sessions will be to help you apply the most effective change practises to your own situation. In the end, you will have the mindset of a great change leader and gained the knowledge and skills that you need to realise the change you desire.

3-step change leadership | Executive programme

This executive coaching program is divided into three parts. Depending on your needs we will adjust the sequence of the steps.


Your leadership foundation

The role of leader will never be fixed in today’s disruptive world. More than ever, the leadership role means being under constant pressure and facing changes to which there is rarely a universal answer. No matter how hard the storm, there is one thing that determines whether you will stay grounded; your personal foundation. You will discover how your personal foundation is built and receive a rich set of tools to manage yourself in a powerful way.


People management

You will take a deeper look at the motives and behaviour of people in relation to change. You will learn what is happening in the brain and what you can do to have a positive effect on this process. You will also learn what the source of resistance to change is, which may lead you to ask yourself: does resistance really exist? You will receive a toolbox full of material to motivate people and to create a willingness to change.


Leading the change process

The purpose of this step is to make the change process as transparent as possible for you. This way, you know which steps are crucial and what your influence is on creating sustainable change. In short, the what, how and why of change. You will learn a proven change model, based on theories and practice, that will serve as a guide in any changing situation you may encounter.


As a result of a 360 degree feedback survey, I engaged Sandra to help me address the areas of improvement regarding my direct reports. Sandra conducted a number of interviews with myself and my direct reports. After distilling the key issues, Sandra guided me through the steps to enhance the group process.

Sandra is a pleasant and open sparring partner. She communicates clearly where the problem originates and how to come to the best solution. Because of her mixed background as an organisation advisor and executive coach, she is able to immediately bring her insights into practice, so that it becomes concrete and meaningful for me and my team.

Frits Voorhout

COO, Praxis

Sandra was able to instantly create the atmosphere necessary to allow me to share my inner feelings. She has sharp analytical skills and can easily provide direction through feedback. She does not shy away from asking the most confronting questions but takes care the answer to these are managed in a good fashion.

I highly recommend her to anyone in need of reflection, in life or work.

Christian Prickaerts

Director Crypto & board member, Fox IT