“Listen and learn to understand what motivates people to help you change. Your change is only as successful as the people who make it happen”

Sandra Ahlers


I AM sandra ahlers

With the ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur, I started my working life in commerce and marketing more than 20 years ago. Over time, I began to realise that my primary focus was always on the dynamics between people and the organisation. This led me back to the university of applied science in Amsterdam, where I studied Human Resource Management. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I found myself in positions as an HR Business partner and HR Manager.

Due to some major changes in my life, I started working as an  entrepreneur. During my interim assignments, I always strived to better understand the behaviour and motivations of people and leaders. This drove me to follow numerous training courses in the field of psychology, system dynamics and developmental coaching.

In 2002, I combined my experience and knowledge by founding Innerchoice; an agency for personal and leadership development.

Next to my people and organisation consultancy assignments, I coached and trained hundreds of leaders and professionals in achieving their personal goals.

In 2016, I decided to step back into the organisational field full-time. I was eager to put into practice what I had preached in my own coaching and training practice. I seized the opportunity to contribute to the rapid growth of a young international organisation in Amsterdam as head of HR. 

During that time, my fascination for organisational change and how leaders cope with new realities grew. I then decided to expand my expertise and completed a Masters in ‘Leading Innovation & Change’ at York St. John’s University in England. This caused a major shift in my perspective on organisational development and change.

In 2019, I continued my consultancy and coaching work with a mission to help increase the ability of organisational leaders to successfully lead and manage change and people. I belief that in a rapidly changing environment this is what makes the difference and help create the impact that is needed.

I strongly rely on my ability to see beyond the obvious, to genuinely connect with people and to present spot-on analyses of their problem, dilemma or situation.

I strive to create more understanding about how best to lead change and engage the people  involved. 


Location: Amsterdam | Hoorn

Phone: +31 (0)6 – 22 93 00 66

E-mail: mailto@sandraahlers.com