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How do you lead your rapidly changing organisation with more impact?

  • Is your company rapidly changing due to growth or changing circumstances?
  • Do you find it difficult to create the right conditions for this change?
  • Do you want to be better equipped to lead change?
  • Are you looking for a powerful way to create employee readiness for change?

Sandra Ahlers gives you insights into the crucial factors for successful change from a human perspective and helps you to optimise them.

The crucial factors for successful change

A strong change leader

Leading change demands for a new set of skills and a mindset. Although some leaders naturally possess these, it will involve a developmental trajectory for most. Which mindset and skills play a crucial role in this and how can you master them?

The support of your people

People’s willingness to change determines its success. How you act as a change leader is one, creating the right circumstances is an important second. If you want people to help the organisation to change, you need to start by helping them to change.

A flexible change process

A linear change plan that runs from A to B rarely works in practice. Change revolves around people and they are far too dynamic to place in a strict framework. If you want to understand the art of change, your approach must remain flexible and consistent at the same time.

What I do

I work with leaders of rapidly changing organisations with the aim of optimising the crucial factors for change in the field of structure, culture, people and leadership.

I help you create and implement realistic and appropriate change plans with a strong focus on the people side of change. Plans that create the willingness of people to help you change and reach the desired outcomes. 

During the whole process, I teach you how you, as a leader, can positively influence these vital factors yourself. You will better understand how change works, how you relate to change and how you can strengthen your crucial role.

My roles

Sparring Partner

Insight and advice

As a sparring partner, I provide insight into the impact change on the entire organisation system; the structure, culture, leadership and people. I advise on how to anticipate, including opportunities and pitfalls and discuss your crucial role as a leader.

Consultant | Interim

Change & transformation

On a consultancy or interim basis, I facilitate a change process. I support the leadership, the managers and the teams, to effectively organise the change process, to get people on board and to bring about a transformation.

Coach & Trainer

Learning to lead change

During individual or group sessions, I provide insights and tools on how to deal with change, resistance to change and personal work situations. As a leader, you will discover and experience how you can lead change with more impact.

What clients say

“Sandra has a great personality and is a valuable sparring partner for me. She brings humour, enthusiasm and good vibes to the table and gives honest and direct feedback. She is involved and has a great sensor for what is going on in a group, and does not shun the elephant in the room. ”

“As an Interim HRM manager, Sandra has achieved more than excellent results during and after the necessary reorganisation. Expert, professional and pleasant are the key words.”

“Sandra has guided our management in improving their effectiveness and has proven to excellently anticipate the issues involved, both as a person and professional. She has been of great value to our organisation and our people.”

“Sandra has sharp analytical skills and can easily provide direction through feedback. She does not shy away from asking the most confronting questions, but takes care the answer to these are managed in a good fashion. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of reflection, in life or work.”

Successful change requires more than change management.  Successful change is essentially about leadership and the willingness of leaders to look inward.

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