Get insight into the essence of change in which human factors play a crucial role and you as a leader are the key.


I help leaders to shape and implement organisational change. The ultimate goal is to successfully lead change and make your organisation futureproof.

After working with me, you and your team will be capable of creating a positive impact with your change initiatives. You will better understand the effect of a change and how your role as change leader is decisive.

Insight into the organisational dynamics

Choosing the optimal organisational structure

Translating cultural values into organisational behavior

Developing change leadership

Strengthening teams & collaboration

Improving internal communications


Strategic Advisor

As a strategic advisor, I give insight into how you can create sustainable conditions for continuous change and development in your organization.

Interim Management

I will help shape and implement  organisational change and development processes from within and in parallel, guide leaders and teams during the transition.

Executive / Team Coach

I will guide leaders and management teams in the midst of change and developmental processes, aiming to strengthen their leadership skills, collaboration and team spirit.


My working method is characterised by a to-the-point approach. After a thorough intake and analysis, I break down your issues to its essence and clearly indicate which roads lead to the best outcome, based on insight, facts and experience.


I always place your problem within the whole of your organisation and its environment. This reveals all aspects that play a role in the occurring situation and creates an effective solution that makes sense at all levels.


All my activities are aimed at yielding a sustainable effect within your organisation. From a developmental approach, I teach you how to solve similar problems in the future.


Over 20 years I have been working in the field of people, development and organisational development. Although I have also explored other fields of work, which has certainly broadened my horizon, I have always been drawn back to my true passion: leadership and change. That is why I became an expert in this field.

Change is a complex phenomenon with which I see many leaders struggling. Although a lot has been written about change, the link to the daily practice is not always obvious. It is precisely for this reason that I want to make the crucial elements for change comprehensible and tangible for leaders. At the same time, how they themselves can create more impact during change.

My background
I have a master’s degree in Leading Innovation & Change from York St. John’s University (UK) and a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition, I studied human drivers in organizations, a.o. by attending courses such as the post-bachelor Developmental Coaching (Vandamme Institute), TA, NLP and system dynamics in organizations (Bert Hellinger). I am also a certified MBTI and Belbin trainer.

For more details, please check my LinkedIn profile.


“Without Sandra it wouldn’t have been possible to be where we are in terms of people, culture and organization development. Sandra has strong experience at the crossroads of people and organization development in the context of strategic change. Her capabilities to address leadership issues are fact based, build on solid theory and pragmatic. We loved working with her.”

Jeroen Voorhuis

COO, Commonland Foundation

“Sandra has a great personality and is a valuable sparring partner for me. She brings humour, enthusiasm and good vibes to the table and gives honest and direct feedback. She is involved and has a great sensor for what is going on in a group and does not shun the elephant in the room.”

Robert Maas Geesteranus

CFO, Joolz Positive Design

“Sandra has guided our management in improving their effectiveness and has proven to excellently anticipate the issues involved, both as a person and professional. She has been of great value to our organisation and our people.”

Peter van Geijtenbeek

CEO, Turien & Co Assuradeuren

“It is very pleasant to work with Sandra; she has a quick understanding of the organization and finds the right balance between being part of the team and professional distance. Well done!”

Simon Moolenaar

Director Knowledge, Education and Innovation, Commonland

“Sandra has a clear vision on organizational development. She is a very sharp observer and able to share her observations in a constructive way, even in the midst of a meeting. Sandra does not waste an opportunity to improve the organization for the benefit of the overall organization. Where people are struggling, Sandra switches ‘on’. In a short period of time she finds the root cause and involves the right people to come to a solution. She is as comfortable at the board table as she is in a difficult conversation on the work floor. ”

Margriet van Zijl

Senior Executive Marketing & Sales, Moovin

“As an Interim HRM manager, Sandra has achieved more than excellent results during and after the necessary reorganisation. Expert, professional and pleasant are the key words.”

Fons Aaldering

CEO, Ebo van den Bor



Sandra Ahlers
Telefoon: 06 – 22 93 00 66